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Time to Get Winter Coats Out of Storage

December 20, 2023

Stay Warm this Winter: Retrieve Your Coats from Self Storage

As the fall season begins to wind down, it’s time to start thinking about the colder months ahead. In the southern United States, we might not experience as much snow as some of the northern states, but we still experience cold temperatures that require bundling up. It’s time to start thinking about getting your winter coats out of self storage!

1. Find the Right Coat for Your Needs

Before you start pulling out your winter coat collection, take some time to think about which ones you’ll actually need. Do you need a heavy jacket for those super cold days, or will a lighter option suffice? Take a mental inventory of your activities throughout the winter, and decide what type of coat will suit your needs best.

2. Clean Your Coats Before Wearing Them

Your winter coats have been sitting in self storage for months, so it’s likely that they’re not as fresh and clean as they were before. You should take the time to clean them before you start wearing them again. Depending on the type of coat you have, you might be able to machine wash it. For more delicate or expensive coats, it might be best to have them dry cleaned.

3. Assess the Condition of Your Coats

Before you start wearing your winter coats, take a moment to assess their condition. Do they have any rips, tears, or missing buttons that need to be fixed? Now is the time to take care of these small repairs before they become big problems.

4. Proper Storage When Not in Use

Now that you’re pulling your winter coats out of self storage, it’s important to keep them in good condition for the next winter season. When they’re not in use, make sure to store them properly. This could mean hanging them in a garment bag in your unit or storing them in a sealed storage container to keep them safe from dust.

5. Consider Donating or Selling

If you have coats that you haven’t worn in years or know you won’t wear this winter season, consider donating them to a local charity or selling them to make some extra cash. Not only will you be decluttering your space, but you’ll also be helping someone in need stay warm this season.

As the temperatures begin to drop this winter season, staying warm and comfortable will be essential. Taking the time to retrieve and assess your winter coats from self storage will ensure that you’re ready for whatever the weather throws your way. Stay cozy!

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